Exploring the Inner Workings of Cast Film Machines

1. Basic Operation Steps

Material Loading

  • Plastic pellets are added to the hopper for processing.

Extrusion Process

  • The plastic pellets undergo plasticization and melting in a single-screw extruder.
  • The molten plastic is then extruded from the main machine head.

Laminating and Forming

  • The extruded material undergoes auxiliary lamination, edge trimming, flattening, and winding through the extrusion auxiliary machine.

2. Components of a Small Precision Cast Film Machine

2.1 Single Screw Extruder Module

  • Main Motor
  • Gear Reduction Gearbox
  • Feeding Base
  • Thrust Unit
  • Screw
  • Barrel
  • Transition Section
  • Die Head
  • Heating/Cooling System
  • Control PanelThe barrel and screw are crucial components, manufactured with high-performance materials, and the barrel surface undergoes nitriding treatment.

2.2 Extrusion Auxiliary Machine Module

Laminating Roller
  • Each power roller is independently driven by a servo motor for precise control and good synchronization.
  • The height of the laminating roller is adjustable to meet the processing requirements of different melt strength materials.
  • The hard chrome-plated mirror surface roller with a 304 stainless steel core ensures high surface finish and corrosion resistance.
  • Internal circulation water cooling system precisely controls the temperature of the laminating roller.
Traction Roller
  • Comprises upper and lower rollers.
  • The upper roller is driven by an independent motor with adjustable speed.
  • The lower roller is coated with silicone for flexibility and can be moved up and down through a control cylinder.
Traction Roller Tensioning Mechanism
  • Consists of buttons and cylinders, enabling the adjustment of the gap between the upper and lower rollers.
Winding System
  • Driven by an independent torque motor with adjustable speed.
  • Incorporates an internal pneumatic device to increase friction between the paper core and the roller for effective winding.

3. Conclusion and Explore Our Cast Film Machines

In conclusion, understanding the intricate working principle and components of a cast film machine is crucial for professionals in the industry. The meticulous process, from material loading to the extrusion and final forming, highlights the precision required in manufacturing. If you are seeking cutting-edge solutions for your film production needs, look no further.

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