Five-Roll Silicone Rolling Machine (Horizontal Type) MM-550

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  • Basic feeding mode: Integral feeding base, convenient operation, small footprint.
  • Feeding control system: Uses magnetic powder brakes in combination with tension controllers to achieve automatic tension control, saving labor.
  • Main drive section: Utilizes AC variable frequency motors with inverters for rolling power transmission. Independent speed control of each roll adapts to efficient production of different thickness products while ensuring product quality, saving 50%-90% energy.
  • A/B/C Axis Adjustment: Utilizes precision reducers + precision screws for easy roll gap adjustment.
  • D/E Axis Adjustment: Utilizes digital display devices, precision displacement sensors + precision digital displays, providing a clear display of rolling thickness.


Roller DiameterΦ240 mmΦ240 mm
Effective Width420 mm620 mm
Thickness Range0.1-5 mm0.1-5 mm
Ejection Precision0.1±0.015 mm0.1±0.015 mm
Maximum Film DiameterΦ400 mmΦ400 mm
Total Power8 KW10.5 KW
Total Weight1550 KG2050 KG
Power SupplyAC380VAC380V

Industry Application

Suitable for solid-state thermal conductive silicone sheets, silicone pads, KE951, and conductive silicone sheets.