Fully Automatic Five Roll Mill Machine MM-1250

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  • Basic feeding mode: Utilizes integrated processing with a panel, where the side panel thickness is 100 mm. Its overall strength is high, offering convenient operation and occupying minimal space.
  • Feeding control system: Employs a rotating axis for easy loading and unloading. Magnetic powder brakes combined with tension controllers achieve automatic tension control, reducing manual effort.
  • Transmission section: Employs universal joints and precision gear motors for direct coupling. Compared to traditional chain transmission, it features higher transmission efficiency and a smaller gap.
  • Control section: Utilizes touchscreens and PLC to control rolling axis speed and rolling gap.
  • Click control section: Uses inverters to control rolling power transmission, with independent speed control for each roll. This ensures efficient production of different thickness products while maintaining product quality.
  • A/B/C/E Axis Adjustment: Utilizes precision reducers and precision screw rods. Precise displacement sensors display the current positions of each roll.
  • Roll-to-roll pressure prevention device: The equipment is designed to prevent collisions between rolls when one roll has material and the other does not.
  • Winding section: Features front and rear online control, automatic meter counting, winding, laminating, and other functions.


Roller DiameterΦ320 mmΦ400 mm
Effective Width1100 mm1300 mm
Thickness Range0.1-5 mm0.1-5 mm
Ejection Precision0.1±0.015 mm0.1±0.015 mm
Maximum Film DiameterΦ800 mmΦ800 mm
Total Power38 KW45 KW
Total Weight7500 KG8500 KG
Power SupplyAC380VAC380V

Industry Application

Suitable for solid-state thermal conductive silicone sheets, silicone pads, KE951, and conductive silicone sheets.