Four Roll Calender Press Machine (Comma Doctoring) SF-962

Designed for the high-precision embossing of liquid materials, the SF-962 delivers enhanced production efficiency, reduced labor costs, and elevated quality standards.

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  • Premium Alloy Steel Rollers: The utilization of high-quality alloy steel rollers ensures durability and longevity, contributing to a robust and reliable machine.

  • Forged Integral Frame: The machine features a forged integral frame, providing strength and stability. Despite its robust construction, the equipment maintains a small footprint, optimizing space utilization.

  • User-Friendly PCL Display: The PCL display enhances operational simplicity, allowing for intuitive and straightforward machine control.

  • High Embossing Precision: With exceptional embossing precision, this machine supports customization according to specific requirements, meeting diverse production needs.

  • Compact Design: The equipment’s compact design makes it suitable for varied industrial settings, ensuring efficient use of workspace.

  • Excellent Electrical Safety Features: Prioritizing safety, the machine incorporates advanced electrical safety features, promoting secure operation.


Rolling Speed0 - 8 meters per minute
Rolling Thickness0.1 - 20mm
Thickness Tolerance≤ 0.02mm
Feeding Speed0 - 6 meters per minute
Roller Width1250mm
Normal FootprintLength mm, Width 2300mm, Height 1900mm