Plate Vulcanizing Press – Button Type MMS-406B

A hot press, also known as a flat vulcanizing machine, rubber curing machine, compacting press, or automated pressing machine, is a commonly used apparatus in the rubber and plastic industries.
It is primarily employed in the processing and thermal treatment of polymers such as rubber and plastic.

It can be utilized for preliminary material compounding trials before bulk production to ensure the final products meet the required color and quality standards.

Furthermore, the hot press can also be employed for small-batch manufacturing, producing various rubber items, plastic products, and color masterbatches, among others.

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  • Meets the essential requirements for thermal compression molding of general polymer materials.
  • Equipped with automatic pressure compensation function, featuring both initial pre-pressing and subsequent secondary pressurization, with automatic pressure application and pressure release.
  • The electric heating plate exhibits high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, rapid heat conduction, and minimal susceptibility to deformation.
  • Incorporated internal spot heating tubes ensure high temperature precision, excellent uniformity, stable performance, and low noise.


Control ModeManualElectric
Capacity30/50/100 ton or customized30/50/100 ton or customized
Temperature rangeRoom temperature~300℃Room temperature~300℃
Size of working plates300×300mm or customized300×300mm or customized
Work layerSingle layer heating or integrated cooling and heatingSingle layer heating or integrated cooling and heating
Cooling modeWater coolingWater cooling
Power supply3Ø, AC380V3Ø, AC380V

Industry Application

The flat vulcanizing machine, commonly known as a hot press, has widespread use in the rubber processing sector, primarily for rubber product vulcanization. It is extensively employed in various fields:

Tire Manufacturing:

A key application is in tire production, enhancing rubber tire elasticity, wear resistance, and high-temperature performance for diverse road conditions.

Seals Production:

The machine also makes different seals like rubber gaskets and sealing rings, ensuring effective mechanical device or container sealing.

Industrial Rubber Products:

Items like hoses, pads, and belts attain desired properties through vulcanization.

Electrical Insulation:

It’s used for cable insulation and electrical rubber items, guaranteeing insulation and durability.

Rubber Flooring:

Enhancing wear and durability of rubber flooring materials.

Rubber Uniforms:

Used in specialized sectors like chemicals and medicine to boost chemical resistance and durability of rubber uniforms.


In research, it tests new rubber formulations, develops products, and studies vulcanization effects on rubber performance.