Small Injection Molding Machine MMS-436

A small injection molding machine is a type of mechanical equipment used for processing plastic products. It employs the injection molding process to inject heated and melted plastic material into molds. After cooling and solidifying, various plastic products are formed, such as plastic parts, components, containers, toys, and more.

Compared to large-scale injection molding machines, small injection molding machines typically have a smaller footprint, and their injection capacity (the amount of plastic material injected) is also relatively limited. They are commonly used for small-batch production, rapid prototype creation, laboratory research, and scenarios that require more flexible production.

The advantages of small injection molding machines include their compact size, relatively simple operation, suitability for small workshops or laboratory environments, and the capability for quick mold changes to accommodate different product production needs.

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  • The servo system ensures swift and smooth operation of all machine actions.
  • It offers excellent control repeatability and remarkable energy efficiency.
  • Products can be automatically ejected and shaped.
  • The machine features a compact design, convenient material feeding, easy maintenance, and can be placed without height restrictions.


SpecificationModel: MMS-436Unit20T25T40T60T
Injection unitScrew diametermm22222528
Injection unitInjection pressurekg/cm²2170217019602170
Injection unitInjection quantityG/OZ40/1.440/1.464/2.280/2.8
Injection unitScrew strokemm110110110140
Injection unitNozzle strokemm150150200200
Clamp UnitClamping ForceTons20254060
Clamp UnitPlaten sizemm380*290380*290430*430470*470
Clamp UnitTie-bars spacingmm250*200250*200280*280310*310
Clamp UnitMin mold thicknessmm100/40130/100120/160160/200
Clamp UnitMold opening strokemm215215215250
Clamp UnitMax mold opening distancemm255/315315/345340/380410/450
Power UnitMax hydraulic pressurekg/cm2140140140140
Power UnitMotor powerkg4(5HP)4(5HP)4(5HP)7.5(10HP)
Power UnitTotal power consumptionkg666.411.5
OtherMachine weightkg1000100015002000
OtherMachine dimensionsmm2020×600×14002020×600×14002400×700×15002600×700×1500

Industry Application

Rapid Prototyping: Creating quick prototypes of plastic parts for testing and validation.

Small-Batch Production: Producing smaller quantities of plastic products.

Educational Institutions: Teaching injection molding principles in educational settings.

Startups and Entrepreneurs: Small businesses needing flexible manufacturing for initial production.

Medical and Dental: Producing medical and dental components on a smaller scale.

Automotive and Electronics: Making small plastic components for these industries.

Toy Manufacturing: Producing small plastic toys for specialty lines.

Customized Products: Fulfilling orders for personalized plastic products.

Household Items: Manufacturing small-scale household plastic goods.

Innovative Products: Bringing new plastic products to market without large-scale production.