Continuous Casting Machine MMH-LS4

The purpose of a continuous casting machine is to produce metal shapes with a constant crosssection, while minimizing waste and reducing costs in comparison to traditional methods such as ingot casting.

Continuous casting machines are specially designed for casting high-density metals such as gold, silver and copper. With this continuous casting equipment, you can cast any metal into any desired shape.
You have the flexibility to cast in the following shapes: rectangular, cylindrical, round and rod.

This machine also adopts gas melting protection technology. This technology allows for precise and automated temperature control and stirring. This feature helps you achieve a high-quality end product.

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  • The fully integrated system ensures consistent casting quality and complete inert gas protection of crucible and die system
  • 24H continuous working yields high production rate
  • Automatic control of the casting parameters which can produce alloys or semI-finished products in different shapes and sizes in the shortest time
  • Unique induction heating with auto stirring function to strengthen the power and to make even colored items and big casting capacity in order to improve production efficiency


Power source3 phase 380V, 50/60Hz3 phase 380V, 50/60Hz
Power15 kw25kw
Applicable metalGold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloysGold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys
Max capacity24K Gold: 4 .0 kg ; 18K Gold: 3 .0 kg ; 925 Silver: 2 .5 kg24K Gold: 8 .0 kg ; 18K Gold: 6 .0 kg ; 925 Silver: 4 .0 kg
Melting time5 min8 min
Casting ApplicationRod: Φ4-Φ30mm
Tube: Min Φ9 * 12mm Max Φ27 *30mm
Max temperature1600℃1600℃
Max temp control K-type (Standard configuration)1100℃1100℃
Dimension1120×840×1560 mm1120×840×1560 mm
Weight195 kg205 kg
Protective gasNitrogen or argonNitrogen or argon
Heating systemInduction heatingInduction heating
Control of temperatureBy PIDBy PID
Accuracy of temperature±2 degrees Celsius±2 degrees Celsius

Industry Application

This machine is suitable for mixing, kneading and dispersing of various chemical raw materials such as plastic, rubber, synthetic rubber, hot melt adhesive and lowviscosity materials.