Three Roll Mill SF-979Y

Introducing the SF-979Y, a state-of-the-art Three Roll Mill designed for high-precision rolling of thermally conductive foam silicone. This equipment is engineered to significantly enhance production efficiency, reduce manual labor costs, and elevate product quality.

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1. Alloy Steel Rolls

The SF-979Y boasts alloy steel rolls, ensuring durability and exceptional performance over the long term. The use of high-quality materials contributes to its robust construction.

2. Forged Frame for Strength

Crafted through precision forging, the machine frame is solid and durable, providing a reliable foundation for your manufacturing processes. The compact footprint makes it an ideal choice for facilities with limited space.

3. User-Friendly PCL Display

The equipment is equipped with a PCL display, simplifying operations for enhanced user convenience. The intuitive interface streamlines the rolling process, contributing to operational efficiency.

4. High Precision Rolling

Achieve superior rolling precision with the SF-979Y. The machine is engineered to deliver consistent and accurate results, meeting the high standards required in your production processes.

5. Customization Options

Tailor the SF-979Y to your specific needs with our customizable solutions. We understand the importance of flexibility in manufacturing, and our equipment can be adapted to meet your unique requirements.

6. Excellent Electrical Safety Features

Safety is paramount in industrial settings. The SF-979Y prioritizes electrical safety, incorporating features that adhere to industry standards, ensuring a secure working environment for your team.


Rolling Speed0 - 8 meters per minute
Rolling Thickness0.1 - 20mm
Thickness Tolerance≤ 0.02mm
Feeding Speed0 - 6 meters per minute
Maximum Feeding Width700mm
Roller Width750mm
Normal FootprintLength 2600mm, Width 1600mm, Height 1400mm