Laboratory Two Roll Mill – Automatic Rollover PLC Program Control MMS-401C

A Two Roll Mill, commonly employed in the plastics and rubber industries, is a machinery used for compounding, processing, and shaping high-molecular-weight materials like rubber and plastics.

Two roll rubber mill typically consists of two parallel rotating cylinders that facilitate mixing, processing, and contour adjustments of the materials through a combination of compression and rotation.

Two roller mill harnesses the squeezing and rotational forces generated by the cylinders to effectively homogenize and refine the materials.

two roll mill for rubber compounding plays a pivotal role in the manufacturing and refining processes of polymer-based materials.

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  • PLC control system with real-time display and monitoring of experimental data, including temperature, rotational speed, current, timing, counting, data storage, or data export.
  • The system is compatible with fully automatic gap adjustment, fully automatic rubber flipping function, and emergency hydraulic release mechanism.


Roller speedDual frequency inverter
Control ModePID control or PLC program control
Size of roll120×350mm (or customized)
Heating Modeelectrical heating /oil heating
Cooling ModeNo cooling or tap water cooling (optional)
Roll gap adjustmentManual or electric gap adjustment
Flipping ModeManual or automatic flipping
Safety deviceReverse stop or emergency opening system
Motor Power0.75KW×2 or customizedx 2
Power Supply3Ø, AC380V

Industry Application

ruber industry
Rubber Industry:

The Two Roll Mill is primarily employed for compounding rubber materials and additives, preparing rubber compounds used in applications such as tires, seals, and rubber products.

Plastics Industry
Plastics Industry:

In the plastics sector, the Two Roll Mill is utilized to blend plastic pellets with additives, producing plastic compounds for the manufacture of plastic products.

Polymer Material Research:

The Two Roll Mill is also frequently employed to study the characteristics of polymer materials, the effectiveness of compounding, and the behavior of materials during the processing phase.

Laboratory Research
Laboratory and Production:

Ranging from small-scale laboratory research to large-scale industrial production, the Two Roll Mill finds application across various stages and scales.