Lab Two Roll Mill – Electric Heating MMS-401A

A 2 Roll Mill, commonly employed in the plastics and rubber industries, is a machinery used for compounding, processing, and shaping high-molecular-weight materials like rubber and plastics.

Two Roll Rubber Mixing Mill typically consists of two parallel rotating cylinders that facilitate mixing, processing, and contour adjustments of the materials through a combination of compression and rotation.

2 roll mill harnesses the squeezing and rotational forces generated by the cylinders to effectively homogenize and refine the materials.

Double roll mixing mill plays a pivotal role in the manufacturing and refining processes of polymer-based materials.

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  • The equipment features a compact size, user-friendly operation, low noise, and energy-efficient design.
  • It incorporates automatic temperature compensation, a PID self-tuning feature, ensuring a consistent equilibrium in roller surface temperature.
  • Powered by a Taiwanese reduction motor, it guarantees smooth and stable operation with reduced noise levels.
  • Comprehensive and multi-angular safety protection mechanisms are in place, including emergency stop and reverse functionalities.


Roller speedDual frequency inverter
Control ModePID control or PLC program control
Size of roll120×350mm (or customized)
Heating Modeelectrical heating /oil heating
Cooling ModeNo cooling or tap water cooling (optional)
Roll gap adjustmentManual or electric gap adjustment
Flipping ModeManual or automatic flipping
Safety deviceReverse stop or emergency opening system
Motor Power0.75KW×1 or customizedx 1
Power Supply3Ø, AC380V