Two Roll Calendar Press Machine MM-600

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Two Roll Rubber Calender Machine Feature

  • Substrate Feeding Section: Equipped with two feeding shafts and two winding shafts, all with electromagnetic powder tension controllers and tile-type pneumatic shafts.
  • Thickness Rolling Section: Utilizes precision rolling rods to roll the material, which undergoes multiple processes such as heat treatment, precision grinding, and electroplating to achieve a product accuracy of 0.1±0.01.
  • Transmission Component: Features a combination of transmission gears (patented in part) designed by Senje Company, offering high torque and stable transmission operation, with a maximum distance of 20mm between the two rods.
  • Adjustment Component: This structure employs precision trapezoidal screws + combination RV1:60 reducer (patented in part), with a resolution of 0.01mm, allowing for automatic adjustment.
  • Controlled via a touchscreen, it can save formulas for different clearances between the two rolls needed for materials of varying hardness, enabling one-touch setup.

Two Roll Calendering Mill Specification

Roller DiameterØ400 mm
Circular Runout0.005 mm
Effective Width600 mm
Thickness Range0.1 mm-20 mm
Material Ejection Precision0.1±0.01 mm
Maximum Film DiameterØ250 mm
Total Power7.5 KW
Total Weight3300 KG
Power SupplyAC380 V
Dimensions2400x1650x1500 mm

Accessory List

InverterChinaINVT1 unit
Magnetic Powder BrakeChinaWeizheng3 units
MotorTaiwanGPG2 units
Adjusting ScrewTaiwanGTEN2 sets
Transmission BearingsJapanNSK4 sets
Positioning MotorTaiwanYongkun2 sets
TouchscreenChinaCermate1 unit
PLCJapanMitsubishi1 unit
Displacement SensorJapanKeyence4 units

Industry Application

Suitable for precision rolling of various liquid, semi-solid materials, and soft metal materials.