Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine MMH-DM2

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  • Smooth appearance and line of whole machine, automatic tracking frequency without noises, and rapid granulating
  • Adopt solid-state technology which is the latest and most advanced IGBTs modules available worldwide
  • Super low-voltage design of induction coil and perfect self-protection function of the machine body
  • Good grain effect of casting


Power sourceSingle phase 220V, 50/60HzSingle phase 220V, 50/60Hz
Power3.5 kw3.8 kw
Applicable metalGold, Silver, Copper, Brass, and their alloyGold, Silver, Copper, Brass, and their alloys
Melting time2 minutes2 minutes
Max capacityGold: 1.0 kg ; Silver: 0.6 kgGold: 2.0 kg ; Silver: 1.2 kg
Max temperature1600℃1600℃
Temperature control k-typeOptionalOptional
Weight21 kg22 kg
Heating technologyInduction heatingInduction heating
Cooling wayWater coolingWater cooling

Industry Application

This machine is suitable for mixing, kneading and dispersing of various chemical raw materials such as plastic, rubber, synthetic rubber, hot melt adhesive and lowviscosity materials.